Ortho Kinetics MSDS Overview

Our headgear products are not considered to be or contain hazardous chemicals based on evaluations made by our company under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200.

What follows is a copy of Ortho Kinetics Corporation MSDS for facebow products. This is a generic MSDS for all of our facebow products. It is intended to inform the general approximation of the composition of Stainless Steel Alloys used in our facebow products.

Please Note since facebows are classified as articles instead of hazardous chemicals, an MSDS sheet is not kept on file for individual items.

In addition, each facebow contains directions for use insert for review by the doctor and patient. Some of the items contained in the insert are included here for your review:

Prior to selling or distributing the product to the consumer or patient, due care should be taken to ensure that your product package contains the “User Instructions”. These instructions must be provided to the consumer or patient, and the consumer or patient should be advised to read and review those instructions prior to use.

To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, Ortho Kinetics strongly recommends that the orthodontist or other health care professional distributing or selling this Product orally review the “User Instructions” with any potential user of the product.

Ortho Kinetics Orthodontic products are specifically designed and manufactured to be adjusted by the orthodontist and/or other health care professional based upon the unique physical characteristics of the consumer or patient. The product is not “generic”, and the safety and effectiveness of the product is wholly dependent upon proper fitting and adjustment performed by an orthodontist or other qualified health care professional based upon the professional knowledge of the orthodontist or other health care professional and his/her knowledge of the unique physical characteristics of the consumer or patient.

Warning: We share your concern for patient safety with facebow and headgear wear. For your protection as well as your patients, all Ortho Kinetics facebows must be worn with either NewGear™ , Nitro™ , NiForce™ or other comparable self-release headgear systems.

Warning: Ortho Kinetics facebows contain nickel and chromium and should not be used for individuals with a known allergic sensitivity to these metals.

Please contact our office if you have any questions on MSDS overview.

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