Kaprelian Facebow Swivel


During the treatment of most Class II, Division 1 patients, the left and right sides do not finish at the same time.

That’s where the Kaprelian facebow swivel attachment can be used to create a unilateral facebow.

By using a unilateral force, you can hasten the treatment on the lagging side while keeping the corrected side in place.

Attach Kaprelian facebow swivel to your current facebow and enjoy the benefits of better and faster results with few side effects.

Kaprelian facebow swivel sizes available:

.045″ size- FBS45
.051″ size- FBS51 

How The Kaprelian facebow swivel Add-On Works

 The use of a swivel holds the key to reducing the amount of force on the Class I side. By placing the swivel on the correct side, you essentially eliminate the lateral force on that side, while keeping the appliance in proper position. The non-swivel side receives the full force and moves the Class II molar effectively, allowing it to catch up with the Class I side. 

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