CB100 Cushion Loop facebow

“The Shock Absorber” facebow

Invented and patented in 1963 by Dr Lawrence F. Andrews, the cushion loop facebow solved the outer bow breakage problem of facebows with the shock-absorbing loop.  It has stood the test of time as the finest commercially available since 1963. Ortho Kinetics has been manufacturing the cushion loop facebow since 1996 in our USA manufacturing facility.

CB100 - Many options available

We offer the gingival loop style in several sizes.  (Custom orders can be accommodated)

Outer bow .067″ wire diameter for softer, spring action.  Inner bow sizes: .045″ or .051″ wire diameter.

CB100 facebow outer bow sizes:

Regular (A), Short (B), Super Short (G), Extra Super Short (H), Unilateral right (C) and Unilateral Left (D) 

CB100 facebow inner bow sizes:

1 (85 mm), 2 (95 mm), 3 (101  mm), 4 (110 mm) 5 (straight inner bow) 

CB100 facebow Adjustment Loop Options:

Our standard inner bow (loop near cuspid) or conventional distal loop inner bow 

CB100 Cushion Loop facebow item number example:

 CB100A345 = Cushion Loop style regular size outerbow with size 3 innerbow, .045″ diameter innerbow wire.

Inner Bow and outer bow are joined using silver braze.

As you can see there are many options to choose from in this fine facebow.

Proudly made in our USA manufacturing facility since 1996.

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