NewGear high pull headgear

NewGear™ high pull headgear – The Teen Compliance Appliance

 High Pull consists of one headgear strap made from 1″ wide durable webbing materials and two force modules. High pull headgear are also know as occipital pull. 

Four Head Cap Strap Sizes

 Four sizes of headgear straps allow you to always fit patients properly and comfortably.
Our four sizes fit most patients comfortably.[pedo small, 9″, small 10″, medium 11″, and large 12″] 

Force Module Colors

 Available in six fashion colors:  Black, White, Red, Purple, Green, & Blue. The straps are black color. 

NewGear high pull headgear – Precise delivery of forces

Each strap is calibrated with 12 precise markings each 2 MM apart. The chart of force measurements for each mark so that you have precise control over the forces used in treatment. Available in light (10 ounce), medium (14 ounce) and heavy (20 ounce) spring forces. 

Easy to attach latch

Our patented latch is based upon the popular luggage buckle concept of snap latches. Millions are in use around the world in other applications for a few good reasons. 

Releasable latches


The latches predictably release when the facebow is pulled forward. When force is applied quickly, the latch releases allowing headgear breakaway.

Competitive latches release at 3 to 10 pounds of force on the facebow. NewGear’s latch releases at 15 pounds of force or more when pulled slowly.

When a force is applied quickly, the latch releases at a lower force level (5 lbs.)

They are simple to use, they lock easily and stay closed until you want them open.