FB100 facebow

FB100 facebow

 FB100 facebow features a smooth transition point between inner bow and section joining the outer bow of the facebow. 

For best patient comfort…a smooth transition. 

Facebow features

  • FB100 facebow are made with a brazed joint of inner bow to outer bow.
  • FB100 facebow features a recessed outer bow hook for better comfort and to reduce the chance of facebow getting hooked on bed linens.
  • Outer bow .072″ diameter and inner bow .045″ diameter.
  • Stamped midline marking.
  • 0° offset of the inner bow is default.
  • Available options include 15° inner bow offset, mesial and distal hooks and anterior spurs.
  • Unique, Easy to Fit.

FB100 facebow outer bow sizes:

super short (SS), short (S), regular (R), long with hooks (L) and long no hook (LNHK) are available. 

FB100 facebow inner bow sizes:

Size 1-6 inner bows with “U” loops and plain (straight) inner bows.

“U” loop inner bow sizes are 1 (83 mm), 2 (90 mm), 3 (97  mm), 4 (104 mm), 5 (111 mm), and 6 (118 mm).

That’s 35 standard sizes…..many choices


FB100 Standard style facebow item number example:

FB100R3 = Standard style regular size outerbow with size 3 innerbow, .045″ diameter innerbow wire.

Benefit of this design:  A one piece inner bow does not allow a gap between the inner bow wire and the reinforcing tubing.  No place for plaque to form.   Cleaner, stronger and comparable to those big company’s products.

FB100 Facebow Made in USA

  • Each FB100 facebow is packaged in a reusable, clear polyethylene zip-lock bag.
  • Made in USA!