Facebow User Instructions

Patient Instructions for use with the Facebow and Headgear


Facebow user instuctions to be read with parents/guardians and siblings.

1. Fit your headgear/neckgear and Facebow and headgear as instructed by your Orthodontist.

2. Never wear your headgear/neckgear and facebow when playing or messing around.

3. Never allow anyone to grab and pull on your facebow or headgear/neckgear. If they do, take hold of the facebow yourself until they have let go. Then check that everything is still fitting correctly.

4. When fitting your headgear/neckgear and facebow always fit the facebow first.  When you have put the facebow ends into the tubes on your fixed appliance (Fixed brace), check the facebow is correctly inserted by holding your cheek out with one finger and looking in a mirror. Once you are happy the facebow is correctly inserted in place, attach your headgear/neckgear to the outer Facebow hook at the correct hole on the strap.

You can fit your facebow to your removable appliance (removable brace) outside your mouth before fitting both into your mouth. When the appliance is seated comfortably in the mouth fit your headgear/neckgear.

5. When removing your headgear/neckgear and Facebow,

always remove the headgear/neckgear first, before removing the Facebow.

6. If you experience a problem removing the facebow, do not use excessive force to remove it. Leave it in place and contact your Orthodontist. Go to the practice and allow your Orthodontist to examine the problem and remove the facebow.

7. If your headgear/neckgear or Facebow ever come off at night or cause you any other problems, stop wearing them and contact your orthodontist.

8. If you wake up in the night and remove your headgear/neckgear and Facebow then place them outside your bed before going back to sleep.

9. If in the rare and unlikely circumstances you suspect that part of your headgear/neckgear/facebow might have caused an injury to an eye, then the eye should be examined without delay by a suitably trained medical practitioner to obtain the best advice.


 Ortho Kinetics facebows contain nickel and chromium and should not be used for individuals with a known allergic sensitivity to these metals.

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a health care professional.

Manufactured by:

Ortho Kinetics Corporation

PMB 16, 1611A South Melrose Drive,

Vista, CA  USA  92081

P/n dfu 111  Issued 8 February, 2000

For single use only