NewGear cervical headgear user instructions

Patient Instructions: To be read with parents/guardians and siblings

 Important: Read these instructions carefully

The device you just received is the NewGear headgear. Your doctor uses it to move or hold your upper teeth or jaw in place by pulling against using your head and neck. The metal part that fits into your braces on the teeth is the “facebow.” The part that fits over the head or around the neck is the headgear or neckstrap.

The NewGear headgear is a very important part of your treatment. When you use it correctly, it can speed up your treatment and enhance the stability of the results.  It’s important to use your headgear correctly and treat it with care. You can protect your own safety and extend the life of the headgear by following a few, simple precautions.


NewGear has a rigid molded plastic body. It will break if it’s bent backwards or forced into a different shape. Always store your headgear with the latch open.


1.     Unlatch the headgear, so that the two halves hang freely from each of the outer facebow arms.

2.     Hold the facebow so that it is right side up, and position the inner wire arms inside the mouth.

3.     Pointing the inner wire arms upward slightly, get one facebow arm, then the other just started in the tubes on the upper molar bands.

4.     With both arms barely inserted in the tubes, simultaneously raise the front part of the facebow and push it gently until both inner arms slide back and into the tubes. The facebow is now properly in place.
5.     Bring both halves of the NewGear headgear around to the back of the neck.

6.     Insert the latch at the back of the neck until it engages and snaps securely.


1.     Hold the wire facebow firmly in place with one hand. Do not pull it, or attempt to pull it out of your mouth.

2.     Unlatch the NewGear neckstrap by pinching the clasp until it releases.

3.     Slowly remove the facebow from the molar tubes as follows:

4.     Place the thumb and first finger of both hands on the thick, front part of the facebow. Do not use just one hand or grasp the facebow on the outer arms.

5.     Gently wiggle the facebow side to side and pull slowly toward the front. Do not wiggle the facebow up and down, or you might loosen the bands cemented to the teeth.

6.     Store the entire headgear in the case provided.


NewGear’s unique neck latch is for convenience, comfort and safety. To secure the headgear, simply snap the latch closed. To open the strap, squeeze the latch until it releases. Don’t try to release the headgear by pulling on the facebow! You might break the headgear or cause an injury. 


The NewGear headgear is a durable plastic material. It can be gently hand washed with mild detergent, then towel or air-dried. Do not clean the headgear by putting it through the washing machine, cloth’s dryer or dishwasher. Be sure to store it in the case your doctor gave you.


It may not be much fun to wear your headgear, but it is necessary for your treatment. If you follow the instructions exactly, you’ll finish sooner than you think, and be able to enjoy a lifetime of great looking smiles.


Your facebow and headgear are not toys. If worn or removed carelessly, they can cause cuts to the inside of the mouth, poke the face, or cause serious injury to the eyes, including loss of vision. It’s important that all directions for safe use of your headgear be followed carefully.

Your teeth may be tender the first few days you wear the headgear. Don’t be discouraged. The soreness will disappear as you adjust to the new pressure. If you continue to be uncomfortable, be sure to tell your doctor.

Wear your headgear only during inactive periods, such as reading or television time, homework or sleeping. Do not wear your headgear while running, playing sports or engaging in other vigorous activities. Accidents can happen even when you’re having fun with friends who mean no real harm. For trips in a car, your doctor should determine if it is safe enough to allow wearing the headgear.

Never let anyone grab or pull on your headgear or facebow. People who don’t wear headgear don’t understand the dangers involved, even in play.

Bring the headgear to all appointments. Your orthodontist will want to check the fit and make adjustments at each appointment. If you lose the headgear or you can’t wear it, please call your orthodontist immediately.

Remember that your cooperation in wearing this device is critical to the successful outcome of your treatment! The plan of treatment, which we have agreed upon, depends highly upon this cooperation.

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