Nitro headgear module force charts

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Each of our Nitro headgear modules have 10 precise marks on each strap. Each strap mark is 2 mm apart. The total strap extension is 20 mm.

If a headgear module is extended to the 5th mark (1/2 way extended), you know two facts:

1) The force level applied by the module from the charts below.

2) The Nitro headgear module strap can be extended 10 mm before the latch releases.

3) Use the reference charts below to master the force applied to each patient.

4) Count the exposed strap marks and look-up force applied on appropriate force chart.

5) Each Nitro module strap has 10 attachment holes for the facebow.

6) Attach facebow to different strap holes to accommodate different patient sizes.