Class III+ reverse pull mask

Class III+ reverse pull mask

A comfortable reverse pull mask.

Class III+ reverse pull mask is designed to have the features you and your patient demand.

A complete kit for your patient

Class III+ reverse pull mask comes complete with a wire frame and set of three cushion straps (chin strap, forehead strap and head strap) .

No more comfortable reverse pull mask

No chin cup to irritate the patient’s chin.

A mask which you can yawn or open their mouth …in comfort.

Face mask will pivot at forehead so mask does not pull down when patient talks or yawns.

Class III+ reverse pull mask made with Durable Wire Frame

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Bend it to contour to the patient’s face.

Durable .075″ diameter Stainless Steel loop construction.

Loop construction means no sharp ends to poke patients during the night.

Stainless steel frame is durable and flexible.

Easy to adjust

Neoprene comfort cushions flex. 

Back strap holds it securely into place. 

Tension adjustment is made with Velcro hook and loop materials. 

No sharp wire ends to poke patients. 

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Class III+ reverse pull mask available sizes and colors: