Nitro headgear module

Nitro™ headgear module

 Nitro™  headgear module are used with cervical cushions and high pull straps to make a releasable  headgear.

Nitro releasable module

 The  Nitro™  headgear modules “release or break away” when a sufficient force is applied.
Headgear modules are also known as “safety modules” and “safety breaks”. 

Nitro headgear module are available in 3 force levels

 Nitro™  headgear modules are available in 3 force levels of stainless steel progressive force springs. The force levels are light (approximately 300 grams), medium (approximately 450 grams) and heavy (approximately 600 grams). 

Nitro headgear module come in many attractive colors

The available module colors are: black, blue, yellow glow in the dark, black and glow, light blue, red, yellow, white, green, clear, neon glow yellow, neon glow pink, neon glow orange, neon glow green, neon glow blue. 

Nitro modules work with any headgear strap or neckpad

Nitro™ headgear modules fit most headgear cervical and high pull straps. 

Nitro module packs

Nitro™ headgear modules are packed 10 per bag which makes 5 headgear. 

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