Asher style AB100 facebow

AB100 facebow

Drs. Roth and Cetlin both recommend the use of Asher style facebows in their treatment philosophies. The AB100 facebow is the Asher style facebow of choice for intrusion and retraction. With a high-pull cap, it retracts and intrudes; with a cervical strap, it simply retracts. The bow is hooked to the archwire, mesial to the cuspid against a keyhole loop or a hook attached to the wire. 

AB100 facebow features

  • The OKC AB100 facebow is designed for use on the maxillary arch.
  • AB100 facebow features a recessed outer bow hook for better comfort and to reduce the chance of facebow getting hooked on bed linens.
  • Outer bow .072″ diameter and inner bow .045″ diameter.
  • Stamped midline marking.
  • 0° offset of the inner bow is default.
  • FB100 facebow are made with a brazed joint of inner bow to outer bow.
  • Easy to Fit.

AB100 facebow normal usage

  • Each AB100 facebow is packaged in a reusable, clear polyethylene zip-lock bag.
  • Made in USA!

 The OKC AB100 Asher style facebow is designed for use on the maxillary arch. 

It features a short outerbow for use with high pull straps or cervical neckpads. 

Attach the facebow to your choice of force modules and cushion. 

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