NewGear cervical headgear

NewGear cervical headgear – The Teen Compliance Appliance

NewGear™ comes complete with the cushions and release modules. Just add the facebow and patient. 

One Size

One size headgear allow you to fit most patients properly and comfortably. 

Easy to put on and take off

Just use the latch in the center of the back of the headgear to snap it on and take it off.

For patient convenience, you may crimp the facebow end loops onto the NewGear™ strap. This makes putting on NewGear™ a snap of latch.

Removable Cushions

 Visco elastic foam is our most advanced cushioning material. It conforms to the patient’s body after warming up to body temperature. The sections of the foam which are not in contact with the patient are relatively more rigid. The sections of the cushion which are in intimate skin contact become softer and more pliable. This provides the cushioning which is best for each patient in the places where it is required.

All cushions attach with Velcro™ hook and loop materials.
The Velcro™ hook and loop materials allow easy adjustment and replacement of the cushion.

Single Releasable latch

The single latch predictably releases when the facebow is pulled forward. When force is applied quickly, the latch releases allowing headgear breakaway.

Competitive latches release at 3 to 10 pounds of force on the facebow. NewGear’s latch releases at 15 pounds of force or more when pulled slowly.

When a force is applied quickly, the latch releases at a lower force level (5 lbs.)

NewGear cervical headgear for Precise delivery of forces

Each strap is calibrated with 12 precise markings each 2 MM apart. The chart of force measurements for each mark so that you have precise control over the forces used in treatment. 

Available in light (10 ounce), medium (14 ounce) and heavy (20 ounce) progressive force stainless steel springs.

Available in 6 colors: black, white, red, purple, green and blue.

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