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Denim high pull strap & Denim neckpad

Denim high pull strap

Classic colors in cotton fabrics. Choice of Demin look Chambray or Khaki.

1″ wide high pull strap spreads the force applied by the headgear over a greater surface area. This means a more comfortable high pull headgear.

High pull straps are also know as occipital pull straps.

Denim High Pull straps are available in four sizes:

X Small 9″ strap
Small 10″ strap
Medium 11″ strap
Large 12″ strap

5 high pull straps per pack

Denim look headgear cushions

The classic look of denim chambray with the comfort of 1/2″ thick foam filled cushions

Approximate Size: 7.5″ x 2″ x 0.5″

5 cushions per pack


Click here for headgear user instructions.

Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with Denim high pull strap & neckpad.