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Comfort™ high pull strap

Comfort high pull strap
Comfort™ High Pull strap are durable, soft and comfortable. High pull straps are also known as occipital pull straps,

The geometry of construction allows them to fit right and stay put. Comfort High Pull strap are made from 1″ wide cotton webbing material.

The side module straps are made from a variety of durable nylon colored materials. We offer Small, Medium and Large size straps.

Comfort™ high pull strap is wider

The 1″ wide strap spread the force over a greater surface area and are reportedly more comfortable than many narrower high pull straps.

Comfort high pull strap feature two module attachment locations

Each side module strap as two module attachment locations….This gives you the best choices for a good fit every time.

If your high pull strap touches the patient’s ear, it is too large and we suggest you fit them with a smaller strap.

Comfort high pull strap available colors and sizes:

Colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, and Green

Sizes: Small (10″), Medium (11″) and Large (12″) size straps

5 high pull straps per package


Click here for headgear user instructions.

Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with Comfort high pull strap.