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Comfort cushion neckpad

Comfort cushion neckpad - colors
The Comfort™ brand cervical cushion is a thicker and softer cushion. It has breathable cotton cover with 1/2″ foam cushion.

Comfort cushion neckpad is made with a cotton cushion wrap for breathable and washable comfort. The module strap on the top is made from nylon. This makes the load bearing portion of the headgear more durable than others with cotton module straps. The module strap allows three module attachment locations. It can accommodate your smallest patients and largest teens all with one neckpad. The color accent module straps are a nice contrast to the black cotton cushion wrap.
Comfort cushion neckpad - black

Comfort cushion neckpad Available Colors:

Comfort cushion neckpad Color series:

Five different Color cushions with accented module strap: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Red

Comfort cushion neckpad Black series:

Six different Black cushions with color accented module strap: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and Teal

Approximate Size: 7.5″ x 2″ x 0.5″

Available in 5 cushions per pack


Click here for headgear user instructions.

Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with Comfort cushion neckpad.