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NewGear vertical pull headgear

NewGear vertical pull headgear

The NewGear vertical pull headgear has been designed to correct vertical and a wide range of facial myofuntional problems, such as open bite. The intrusive force on the molars is also increased. This appliance can be used to change a mouth breathing habit to nose breathing.

Vertical Pull consists of one adjustable headgear strap made from 1″ wide durable webbing materials and two force modules.

NewGear vertical pull headgear – One Head Cap Strap Adjustable Sizes

One size of adjustable headgear strap allow you to always fit patients properly and comfortably.
The Velcro™ hook and loop materials allow adjustment to fit most patients comfortably. The back of the strap adjusts like a baseball cap to snugly fit the patient.

Force Module Colors
Available in six fashion colors: Black, White, Red, Purple, Green, Blue. The straps are black color.

NewGear vertical pull headgear for Precise delivery of forces

Each strap is calibrated with 12 precise markings each 2 MM apart. The chart of force measurements for each mark so that you have precise control over the forces used in treatment. Available in high (20 ounce), medium (14 ounce) and low (10 ounce) progressive force stainless steel springs.


Click here to view NewGear vertical pull headgear force charts.

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Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with NewGear vertical pull headgear.