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Universal UB100 facebow

The Universal UB100 facebow was developed as a one size fits all facebow and can be used for unilateral corrections.

UB100 facebow

  • UB100 facebow are made with a brazed joint of inner bow to outer bow.
  • Outerbow .072″ diameter and innerbow .045″ diameter.
  • Stamped midline marking.
  • 0° offset of the innerbow is default.
  • Unique, Easy to Fit.
  • Only one size facebow fits virtually all patients
  • Made in USA!

Simplify your facebow inventory.

Easy to adjust. Very cost effective.

UB100 facebow outerbow sizes:

short(S) and regular(R) are available.

UB100 facebow innerbow size:

Size 1 adjustment “U” loops on inner bows with additional length straight inner bows to customize for each patient.

That’s 2 standard sizes…..many customizable choices

Benefit of this design:     Simplify your facebow inventory. You only need to stock 2 sizes. Very easy to adjust to patient needs. Cleaner, stronger and comparable to those big company’s products.


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Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with UB100 facebow.