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Ortho Kinetics makes a wide variety of orthodontic facebow in any style / any size

Ortho Kinetics orthodontic facebows

Click below on links to go to orthodontic facebow product pages

Click here for FB100 standard facebows

Click here for FB200 standard facebows

Click here for CB100 cushion loop facebows

Click here for CV100 biteplate facebows

Click here for AB100 Asher style facebows

Click here for UB100 universal facebows

Click here for Kaprelian facebow swivels

Click here for Lip Muscle Bumper

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All of our orthodontic facebow are crafted with pride in the USA!

Each of our many styles of facebows are made in our manufacturing facility in Vista, CA USA

Click here for Click here for orthodontic facebow compatibility chart

Click here for orthodontic facebow user instructions

Ortho Kinetics for Innovative solutions to orthodontic headgear compliance with orthodontic facebow.