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How to care for your Open Spaces™ orthodontic headgear pillow…

Please Note:

  • Laundering is not recommended for your pillow
  • Hard to clean spots: Use a soft sponge with a mild liquid soap.
  • Hand wash with mild detergents if necessary
  • If you must machine wash your pillow,please use gentle or hand wash settings.
  • If you must machine wash your pillow, enclose it in a regular pillow case and tie the top closed.  This prevents the agitator in your washing machine from tearing your pillow.

Do Not use harsh cleaners or dry cleaners!

Pillow Cases for orthodontic headgear pillow

Most people find that their regular pillowcases work with the Open Spaces™ pillow. Just push down the extra fabric into the slot area.

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Open Spaces™ orthodontic pillows for a great night’s sleep with orthodontic headgear pillow.