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Class III+ reverse pull mask

Simply elegant design    Fashion colors

Class III+ reverse pull mask is designed to have the features you and your patient demand.

Class III+ reverse pull mask comes complete with a wire frame and set of three cushion straps (chin strap, forehead strap and head strap)

Durable Wire Frame

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large

Bend it to contour to the patient’s face.

Durable .075″ diameter Stainless Steel construction

No sharp ends to poke patients during the night.

Comfortable Neoprene Cushions and headstrap

Fashion colors:  Black, Blue or Pink

Washable, durable and very comfortable

Trim them with scissors to fit your patient comfortably

All the fashion features of the NewGear headgear.

Stylish design which patients love!

Comfortable cushions for patients.

Replacement components are available upon request.

Fitting instructions: Place correct size Class III+ on patient’s face to check for correct fit.  Adjust straps for most comfortable fit. Attach the hook and loop fasteners.  Leave a little extra adjustment strap material and trim the excess.

Trim Neoprene cushions on any spots that are causing discomfort to patient (i.e. lips, etc).

Care instructions: Hand wash and air dry cushion straps as needed.

Do Not Machine Dry.  Be careful not to melt the hooks on the hook and loop attachments on the straps.

This Package Contains the Product Options:
















Fashion + Function = Compliance™

Manufactured by
Ortho Kinetics Corporation
1611A South Melrose Drive, Suite 16, Vista, CA  92081 USA

E-mail: okc@orthokineticscorp.com  Tollfree: 800.467.8465  Phone: 760.727.3982   Fax: 760.727.6332

European Authorized Representative: Advena Ltd., Horsham, RH12 2 BT, UK

ClassIII+™ and Fashion + Function = Compliance™ are trademarks of Ortho Kinetics Corporation

© 1999 Ortho Kinetics Corporation

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist

P/N dfu103 Issue Date: November 18, 1999                                                                             Single Use Only

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Innovative solutions for orthodontic headgear compliance with Class III+ reverse pull mask.